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About me








My Mission:

I seek to create beautiful, artistic jewelry that inspires and brings you joy.  For some, jewelry is a decorative extension and expression of one’s personality.  For others, it embodies a wish, a memory or even a sacred object.  These are opportunities for my designs to speak to you and enrich your life story!


My Craftsmanship:

All my pieces are handmade with care using traditional silversmithing techniques sourcing primarily US mined turquoise, 


My Background:

I fused my nearly three decades of art expertise in painting, drawing, printmaking, photography and ceramics with the use of the metal clay to create Zia Design in 2009.  I currently use traditional silversmithing techniques and U.S. mined turquoise in my work.


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A note about how Zia Design came about...


As a native New Mexican, the Zia sun symbol holds a lot of meaning to me.  It is a sacred symbol to the native Zia Pueblo.  The number four is a meaningful number symbolizing the circle of life, the four directions, the four elements, the four stages of life and the four seasons.  Working with turquoise and silver (both traditional Native American mediums used in New Mexico), allows me to pay homage to the meaning encompassed by the Zia and the wonderful place where I was raised.  


I owe my interest in precious stones to my father who was a geologist.  As a child, I marveled at the beautiful stones I’d find in the desert – and every once in a while, I’d find that prized pottery shard or arrowhead.  It didn’t take long for Dad to buy me a rock tumbler so I could polish my treasures.  

The process of creating something from nothing is my true passion.  It often involves a personal connection, a story, a beautiful aspect of nature or simply a unique idea.  I hope you’ll enjoy your visit! 



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